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Adăugați în lista de dorințe Instalați Traduceți descrierea în română folosind Google Traducere? You no longer need to store the app on your phone. The Satoshi Bitcoin Converter automatically switches units of various cryptos and switches to the local fiat value.

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Maybe you've wondered how many u-bits are in an m-bit. Or, how much bitcoin is that 5, satoshi in local money? Or, what's all that worth right now anyway in fiat currency?

Then this may be a useful app for you. And it is not for crypto-to-crypto conversion, like Bitcoin-to-Dash. This app is for fiat-to-crypto conversions.

On his P2P foundation profile, Nakamoto claimed to be an individual male at the age of 37 and living in Japan, which was met with great skepticism due to his use of English and his Bitcoin software not being documented nor labeled in Japanese. British formatting in his written work implies Nakamoto is of British bitcoin satoshi. However, he also sometimes used American spelling, which may indicate that he was intentionally trying but failed to mask his writing style, or that he is more than one person.

Ethereum unit conversion is included: Ether, Finney, Szabo, and Gwei units. The app is open source.

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Nu mai trebuie să stocați aplicația pe telefon. Satoshi Bitcoin Converter comută automat unități ale diferitelor cripte și trece la bitcoin satoshi fiat locală.

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Poate v-ați întrebat câte bi-uri u într-un m-bit. Sau, cât de mult bitcoin este 5. Sau, tot ce bitcoin satoshi acum, în moneda fiat?

Bitcoin și creatorul acestuia Satoshi are două sensuri. Prima este cea mai mică parte din bitcoin. A doua este prima parte a pseudonimului, sub care ascunde creatorul sau creatorul de bitcoin.

Atunci aceasta poate fi o aplicație utilă pentru dvs. Și nu este pentru conversia crypto-to-crypto, cum ar fi Bitcoin-to-Dash. Această aplicație este destinată conversiilor fiat-to-crypto. Aplicația este open source.

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