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We understand that America unilaterally decides to preserve the privilege to shape global order although it shares burdens and opportunities. The speech does not reflect arrogance but it builds up on the Exceptionalist heritage of American public discourses. Is now finally the time for us to mind our own business? Is now the time to allow others to lead? Is now the time for us to play the role of equal partner?

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Well, I always start by reminding people that what happens all over the world is our business. Every aspect of our lives is directly impacted by global events.

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The security of our cities is connected to the security of small hamlets in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia. Our cost of living, the safety of our food, the value of the things we invent, make, and sell are just a few examples of everyday aspects of our lives that are directly related to events abroad and make it impossible for us to focus only on our issues here at home. Why do we always have to be taking care of the problems of the world?

And I always begin my answer to that question with a question of my own.

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For example, would a world order -- or China, at least as we know China right now, as the leading power, be as benignly disposed to the political and economic aspirations of other nations as we are? The 2nd speech I have chosen is interesting because it is produced by the President of the United Stated of America at a sensitive moment for international relations.

He delivered this speech before the UN report on this issue was made public. Others foaming at the mouth, gasping for breath. A father clutching his dead cmb firmele forex licențiate, imploring them cmb firmele forex licențiate get up and walk.

He positions America as the saviour of the world, the global leader, thus imposing a relation of authority and power.


Terrible things happen across the globe, and it is beyond our means to right every wrong. But when, with modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death, and thereby cmb firmele forex licențiate our own children safer over the long run, I believe we should act. It is to note that, for the first ascultă cum să faci bani mari, unlike George Bush, Margaret Albright, and other producers of more bellicose speeches for military intervention in the past, the tone cmb firmele forex licențiate a presidential speech making the case for a military intervention sounds balanced between unilateral and multilateral decision.

President Obama makes a balance between the bellicose tone and a parental tone. While previous military interventions were based on unilateral decisions, President Obama clearly states this time that he will wait for the diplomatic outcome and take into account the international opinion. Security Council requiring Assad to give up his chemical weapons, and to ultimately destroy them cmb firmele forex licențiate international control.

It implies matching the features of the utterance with recognizable interpretations and common sense assumptions which are ideologically shaped by relations of power which proves that language ieșirea din opțiunea de dimineață a means to dominate people.

Discourse means exercising power through communication. Discourse is part of the unconscious and conscious mind and emotional life of the subjects they seek to govern. People live unconsciously in realities made up of discursive elements that become recognizable when produced. This has lead many of the monocultural Western societies in becoming, voluntarily or not, multicultural, which fueled a mixture of cmb firmele forex licențiate and public policies focused mainly on the specificity of cultural behavior as a insuperable prerequisite that renders impossible the occurrence of any harmonious and natural integration of immigrant communities in Western societies.

In this context, the readiness of Europe to coexist with its Muslim cmb firmele forex licențiate, to integrate or assimilate them, or alternatively, to allow them the preservation of their culture is increasingly being discussed and, accordingly, the ability and willingness of immigrants to change or adapt to European standards and host culture is frequently being questioned.

This author's intention is to reconsider and propose applicable models of analysis and management, in connection with the post-national contemporary priorities, of how governments can restrict immigrants' rights to engage in cultural or religious practices, often deemed incompatible with the values of the host society, without undermining the civil rights and values that liberal states seek to promote.

Keywords: assimilation, civic integration, international migration, multiculturalism, Muslim minorities. Europe is today deeply cmb firmele forex licențiate by its encounter with contemporary Islam — an Islam that is reappropriated, interpreted, and revitalized in political and cultural terms by a whole new generation of Muslim actors. Similarly, Europe's relationship with its Muslim communities is placed under considerable stress and revaluation, raising important issues for policymakers in terms of cultural diversity and cmb firmele forex licențiate cohesion.

Certainly, we can observe multiple differences of integration and accommodation of Islam, sometimes even in the same country, consequently, is cmb firmele forex licențiate to outline a unified model applicable and valid for all cases Vertovec,mainly because the forms of incorporation cmb firmele forex licențiate immigrants are closely related to colonial history, the emergence of nation states and the policies of inclusion and exclusion on grounds of citizenship and therefore can not be transposed from case to case.

Parameters of Change: Europe, Islam and Transnational Migration International migration is a complex subject, the more so, since no country is exempt from its effects.

Indeed, virtually every country is either a country of origin or a country of transit or destination, or all three simultaneously, for migrants in search strategii de lucru pentru opțiunile turbo new opportunities. Currently, million people, or roughly 3. This has lead many of the monocultural Western societies in emerging as multicultural. Now, more than ever, diversity is quintessential to global and domestic policy agenda and for day-to-day interactions.

In addressing cmb firmele forex licențiate topic of Muslims in Western Europe, it is common to closely connect the analysis of Islam to the immigration debate, given that most European Muslims are either immigrants themselves or have a background of such nature. With the understanding that this is a nuanced issue, that is in many ways country-specific, in terms of ethnic composition, internal dynamics, cohesiveness and degree of integration into the host society, a rough estimation1 shows that there are somewhere between 15 and 17 million Muslims in Western Europe and about 7.

With the universal realization of the magnitude and impact of transnational migration upon states, it is important to recognize that Muslim immigration is of necessity a central issue within the broader context of European Islam, for both governments and nationals, and comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities.

One of the main challenges relates to the subsequent ethno-cultural plurality and the various ways in which the host societies have chosen to manage the resulting diversity.

Although many paradigms of integration have been applied in an attempt to manage the diverse reality of European Islam, most countries have favored either a pluralist-multicultural approach or a republican-assimilationist vision Castles et al. But both multiculturalism and assimilation are now questioned in terms of ability to provide a successful frame for managing and integrating Islamic difference in European democracies. While some claim that the French model of assimilation failed Silberman et al.

Lately, as the view that holds multiculturalism as inadequate for managing and integrating diversity gains ground Barry, ; Joppke, ; Sartori, ; Vasta,an increasing number of European countries have rejected the multicultural approach — now 1 Given that some European countries do not collect data on the religion cmb firmele forex licențiate their citizens and that cmb firmele forex licențiate on Muslim population cmb firmele forex licențiate Europe are generally extrapolated from statistics on immigration or taken from censuses UKthere are some significant statistical variations in terms of Muslim demographics.

Terrorism and urban riots added a security dimension to multicultural relations and further pushed the balance in favor of active integration policies incorporating obligations along with rights. This leaves room for questions about the extent to which governments can restrict immigrants' rights to engage in cultural or religious practices deemed incompatible with the values of the host society, without undermining the very civil liberties and values that liberal states seek to promote Joppke, While not incompatible with the values of tolerance and mutual respect for ethnic and cultural and religious diversity, these integrationist policies still mark a departure from the original meaning of multiculturalism which involved support and recognition of the distinctiveness of minority communities.

Although it is premature to consider a general withdrawal of multicultural policies in practice, it is obvious that we are witnessing a wave favoring civic integration measures, combined with a strong emphasis on the role of citizenship Baubock et al.

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The critique of multiculturalism, even by those who see it as normatively desirable Koopmans,and the need to reassess it, and perhaps reform it, as a paradigm of integration Kelly,have led, political actors and scholars alike, to reconsider other models applicable in the analysis and management of the new realities. But since assimilation is based on the idea of monoculturalism and full adoption of norms and values of dominant society that renders the minority group culturally indistinguishable from the dominant society, it is as open to criticism as it is inapplicable in terms of normativity2.

In fact, the abolition of cultural diversity beyond the private sphere implies a failure in acknowledging cmb firmele forex licențiate complexity of plurality and the fact that individuals visibly subscribe to diverse and multiple identities. There are also those who claim that both traditional models of integration are cmb firmele forex licențiate longer viable, but have evolved along with the post-national contemporary priorities Carrera,2 Instant forex graphics is largely understood as having a utopian finality — basically a society in which members are to be culturally indistinguishable from one another cmb firmele forex licențiate terms cmb firmele forex licențiate nationality, language, attitudes and perception of identity.

Therefore, when support for diversity is manifested in a framework of social justice and political equality, and when all members of society are allowed to fully participate in the public space, the result is a more cohesive, yet plural, civic community. Beyond the Migration Discourse: Possibilities for Dialogue and Action As it seems, both multiculturalism and assimilation, as two different forms of integration, have been criticized and challenged due to their inefficiency in managing diversity and achieving social cohesion.

On the one hand, the politics of assimilation promise equality of universal rights and entitlements for individual citizens, but the voluntary secular myopia to religious difference and the total lack of support for cultural diversity beyond the private sphere imply a failure to acknowledge the complexity of plurality and have led to a politics of denial, where cultural groups who do not conform to the prescribed national prototype are marginalized and alienated.

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As the traditional paradigms are found lacking, alternative and innovative integrative models are brought to the attention of the cmb firmele forex licențiate and academic world. Both challenged and approved, Euro-Islam is a concept still under negotiation but worth mentioning and exploring, particularly from the opposing perspectives of Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan. Bassam Tibi's Euro-Islam is a secular approach defined by a call, not for multiculturalism or a monoculture, but for a plurality of cultures.

Monoculturalism, as he sees it, leads to assimilation and discrimination, while multiculturalism is based on cultural relativism or nihilism Tariq Ramadan proposes his own meaning of the term Euro-Muslim, advocating for a type of integration of Muslims in Western democracies that allows the full expression and immersion of Islam in the European ethos Ramadan, ; Integration is a three-way process that involves a substantive interaction between immigrants, the country of emigration and that of immigration.

Such process will not only impact on the perspective and lifestyle of immigrants, but will also cause structural changes, both in the country of origin and in the host society, and even though each model has its own merits, the practical implementation should be carefully considered, as its implications are deep and extend beyond the European framework.

It can further be argued that Europe has never been too tolerant of its immigrants and a case could be made that it has a long history of aversion towards the non-European alterity. Meanwhile, the immigrant Muslims are not vastly accustomed to or religious and cultural pluralism, let alone to democratic tolerance.

There is, therefore, more than enough room cmb firmele forex licențiate intercultural misunderstanding and tension that need to be appeased by inspired and timely decisions. Under these circumstances, governments and academia must strive to find the paradigm that best suits the political and social needs of all actors.

In the end, regardless of the discursive manner in which we decide to approach the situation of Muslims in Europe, it is crucial to assume a twofold compromise between host and immigrant population, as to reach a mutually acceptable modus vivendi, through maintaining differences while reducing them to acceptable levels, in a common cultural and legal framework. AlSayyad, N. Castells, M. Lanham: Lexington Books. Vienna: Avebury.

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